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Warping / Sizing / Winding

Weberei-Vorwerk Siemen warps, sizes and winds yarns,
which are prepared in this way for the weaving process. The
company has highly modern machinery at its disposal: two
sizing units produce warp beams with a diameter of up to
1,250 mm, a maximum production width of 4,400 mm and
a yarn count of over 13,000 filaments in various substrates
of fiber yarns. The machines have computer-controlled
individual drives to ensure continuously consistent quality.

The two warping machines are computer-controlled with
tape tension regulation. The result here, too: Individual
warp beams with a diameter of up to 1,250 mm and a
maximum width of 3,800 mm in high quality and reliability
for further processing for the customer.

In February 2010, a warping machine of the newest
technology was installed. This machine produces weaving
warp beams up to a maximum width of 5,400 mm.

All fiber yarns like cotton, polyester-cotton, viscose, Trevira
CS and various other blends are processed. We realize
customer wishes 1:1. Especially filament yarns, elastic
yarns, core yarns as well as yarns for technical applications
complete the program.

Yarn Dyeing / Yarn Finishing

Winding and dyeing: Competent and high quality
Siemen winds and dyes yarns and twisted yarns for further
processing. Production frames for cylindrical and conical
bobbins are ready for the dyeing process.

Warp beam dyeing for the production of colored warps is
also possible. Depending on the final use of the textile,
different dye classes are used. The recipes are developed in
our own laboratory according to the customer’s color
specifications or wishes.With modern SPS-controlled dyeing
boilers we dye and finish products, which are then used in
weaving, knitting, rewinding, braiding etc.

Apparatus sizes of 10 kg for samples as well as approx. 100
kg to 150 kg, approx. 300 kg and approx. 600 kg are